Premium, independent support for Apple products in the Washington DC area

As people discover that Macintosh computers are a good long-term investment Apple is continually gaining marketshare. I've helped many business and home users make that switch from PC to Mac or use their existing Macs more effectively, answering questions and finding solutions through interaction. I pride myself on personal attention, listening to your questions and concerns to figure out what solutions best fit your needs. Because of my proactive approach and attention to your process, many of my customers find themselves using their technology in ways they didn't even know were possible and learn answers to questions they didn't know they had.

Business Support

More businesses are allowing Macintosh into the workplace because people are getting more familiar with Mac at home. Yet many businesses have IT staff that only excels with Windows. I am available to fill in those gaps or to set up and maintain a modest all-Macintosh business.

House Calls

Families with Apple products often own many Apple products. Getting all the Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs in sync can be overwhelming. I've helped many individuals and families get the most out of their Apple devices. I typically come to you so we can work with your network, TV, and printer.

Personal Attention

Because I work on my own, I get to know each of my customers' individual needs, and I work with you to reach the solutions you want. I am not a reseller of software or hardware, so my only goal is to make sure that your technology works how you need it to.