choose your  concierge level

Included Pre-Scheduled Visits

Up to 4 hours of on-site time for general maintenance, software and firmware updates, checking on backups, etc. Can be split into two sessions if needed.

Additional Hours

Quick-Fix Questions

Single issue that can be answered in less than ten minutes. Longer answers may require an appointment. 

Proactive Diagnostics

Monitors your desktop or laptop computer for things like malware, failing hard drives, and failing backups. If an issue arises I'll tell you exactly what needs to be done.

Shopping Consults

Brief discussuion of all new computers, iPhones, iPads, printers, smarthome devices, internet services and cellular services.

Waiting for the Cable Guy

I’ll be using that time for my own work, though any work performed for you while waiting is billed at your hourly rate.

Offsite Backup (coming soon)

Not as convenient as Time Machine but in case of theft or fire nothing is as effective as an offsite backup. Desktop and laptop computers only. Additional computers are $5/month. Servers are $5/terabyte/month.



per hour


2 followup quick-fixes within the next month

Included for one year, then $3 per month per computer



per month

billed annually

One half-day per year or two 2-hour semiannual appointments


10 quick-fixes per year



per month

billed quarterly

One half-day per quarter or two 2-hour appointments, one every six weeks


10 quick-fixes per quarter

3 computers included